We are Resistance Committee, ODBOR ZA ODPOR.


Ničkolikokrat boste ta stavek prebrali v teh in prihodnjih dneh. A če eni začenjajo znova po dveh mesecih, Odbor začenja znova po … skoraj sedmih letih.

V izvirni postavi, le velikega Iranca ni več z nami.

Z izvirno ambicijo, a v temeljito spremenjenem kontekstu, kajti potreba po izvirnih mislih, besedah, podobah in dejanjih je kvečjemu še večja.

Zato je nekaj globoko simboličnega v tem, da tudi tokrat trepljaj za prvi proglas dolgujemo prav Miljenku Jergoviću, ki je neposredno navdihnil tudi rojstno ambicijo Odbora za odpor. In da se Miljenko poteguje prav za besedo in za branje. Za civilizacijo, človečnost in pismenost. Spet smo tam.

In spet smo tu.

  • BADIOU Alain, philosopher, theatre author
  • CVITKOVIČ Jan, film director, poet
  • JERGOVIĆ Miljenko, writer, columnist
  • NEGRI Antonio, philosopher, theatre author (TBC)
  • PALMER Robert, director, Council of Europe
  • PELKO Stojan, editor
  • ŠKAFAR Vlado, film director
  • ŠTEFANČIČ Marcel, jr., film critic, author
  • VIDEMŠEK Boštjan, world reporter
  • ŽIŽEK Slavoj, philosopher



We believe in les personnages conceptuels. The power of thought and the force of the word. Virtual things creating real effects: a tear, a moment of joy, rage, movement, just a thought. The only rule of this site is that friends are publishing their best works en avant-premiere. Each author knows best where (s)he is the best: a part of a column, a poem, a page from the script, location shot, short story, draft dialogue from unpublished theatre play, a page from a book with final handwritten corrections. Two or three friends might do something together: they may publish their dialogue or co-written a manifesto, direct a theatre play or comment a movie. They use the language they want: Croatian, English, French, Italian, Persian, Slovene … Sometimes the author will provide his or her own translation(s), sometimes one of the friends might translate it for the others in a collaborative way. Since authors have their own copyrights, they guarantee for every text or picture – which make the content of the site a common wealth, open for sharing among users and for any further non-profit use.

Each friend can bring new friend: the one (s)he already has or the one (s)he always wanted to have. Some other friend might help in making the wishful thought come true. And, like Fellini’s hero in the tree of Amarcord, we need more, much more women. Friendly visitors are invited to comment, recommend, forward or share our content.

We would like to organize the site of our Resistance Committee as Miljenko’s grand-father would organize le voyage through our times: hard thoughts for the coal, a steam of pure poetry, nomadic walks through the corridors, flashes from the tunnels and moving images from the by-passing world. Because il n’y a qu’un monde.